Teddy Bear Chair

Our Teddy Bear Chairs start life as used horseshoes, sourced from a local farrier. The used shoes are put through a thorough cleaning process. Starting with using a hammer and pliers to remove the nails, then hand tools are used to remove stones and some of the dirt before final cleaning with a wire wheel.

The shoes are then welded together, with the addition of some steel wire and steel bar, to form the chair shape. Once welded they are painted in the customers choice of colour.

Once Painted the chairs are ready to accommodate their bears. Customers can be supplied with a bear for their chair, sourced from a local charity shop, for a small additional fee. Chairs can be made to accommodate a wide range of bears. Please contact us with the size of your bear before ordering to be sure your chair is a perfect fit. For customers who own horses, we can use your own horseshoes to make a chair with extra sentimental value.

You can order your chair here! or contact us first, if you have any special requirements. You can also contact us via our Facebook page!

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