Pair Of Industrial Bedside Tables

This pair of industrial bedside tables are made with a steel frame and oak top, shelf and drawer. The frame can be painted, clear coated or powder coated in a variety of colours.

bedside tables closed
Front view, showing drawers closed.

Attached power sockets with built in USB chargers make powering lights and charging devices easy. The number and type of sockets can be tailored to your requirements. The wiring runs inside the table frame for improved appearance. The table top features a built in wireless charger to allow supported devices to be charged simply by placing them on the table. The tables can be supplied with a choice of wire colours to match the frame.

bedside tables with lamps
Tables with lamps plugged into the rear sockets.
bedside tables rear
Electrical connections on the rear of the tables

The drawers are made from solid oak, and have ball bearing slides for smooth quiet operation. The 25 kg weight capacity should be more than adequate for the size of the drawer but up-rated sliders are available for heavy duty applications.

bedside tables open
Table drawer open

These bedside tables can be made to dimensions of your specification, with or without drawers or electrics built in. They are fitted with flat plastic feet and supplied with stick-on felt pads for use on wooden flooring.

Pricing will depend on your requirements, please Contact Us or look at our product page for more information. Lead time 1-3 weeks, depending on specification. You can also contact us via our Facebook page

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